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Mechanic working on vehicle exhaust system in shop 

Toyota Exhaust Leak Repair in San Bruno CA 

Your Toyota vehicle's engine consists of many parts and components that all need to be in perfect working order to keep you moving forward with the kind of confidence that members of the brand can bring. However, after a while, if you're noticing louder revving and diminished performance from your model, the culprit could be an exhaust leak. Though they can be tricky to diagnose at first, a leaky exhaust system can lead to some more serious issues with your catalytic converter or flex pipes down the road. For this reason, if you think your engine might be having some problems, you're welcome to bring it down to Melody Toyota today! Our service team is thoroughly trained on every part of your Toyota vehicle, and we'll get you back out on the road quickly and easily. 

Underside of vehicle lifted to reveal catalytic converter 

Signs of a bad exhaust system in your Toyota vehicle  

If you're driving an older Toyota model, you might begin to experience any of the following symptoms of an ineffective exhaust manifold. If you notice any of these, you'll want to bring your vehicle in for service right away:  

  • Excess Noise Coming from Your Engine 
  • Decreased Acceleration and/or Fuel Efficiency 
  • Burning or Gas Smell from Engine Bay
  • All of these are probably signs that your engine is leaking exhaust, which could end up migrating into your vehicle's cabin. This can be hazardous to your health, and it's best to come see us to get the problem diagnosed and fixed.

    Schedule Automotive Service at Melody Toyota in San Bruno CA

    Here at Melody Toyota, we take pride in being able to get any sort of repair right the first time, every time. You're free to schedule an appointment with our team right from our website, and we can fix up your exhaust system so you can keep moving forward in quiet and efficient assurance for whatever might lie ahead on the road.

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